It has been six months since the masked hero known as Justice vanished from the streets of Titan, and since then there has been no hints at to what fate has befallen her. With one of it’s oldest and most respected members missing in action the Allies of Freedom have devoted a great deal of their time and energy to searching for clues that might lead them to her. Startlingly even the world’s most respected superhuman peace keepers have been unable to discover who has managed to neutralize the most ardent defender of law and order the world has ever known.

While the heroes wander in search of their lost comrade their enemies have taken full advantage of Justice’s disappearance. Major cities have tumbled into utter chaos without their heroes and the number of active super villains has tripled almost overnight. Alien threats who had been kept at bay by the Allies have also begun to circle the earth hungrily. Their ships lurk in space around the earth like sharks waiting for some further sign of weakness in their prey.

Humanity needs heroes. It needs defenders. It needs you.

The Rising Cost of Justice