Name: Grethe Wolkoff
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Height: 6’2"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White

Born as the result of and affair between Ivan Wolkoff a champion fighter and the frost giantess Mitha was left in her father’s care shortly after being. Despite the fact that she already displayed immense strength the girl was viewed as weak by the giantess due to her human proportions. Each day Grethe’s strength grew, as did her temper. Like so many of her frost giant brethren the girl was quick to rages and violent outbursts.

Hoping to give his daughter something to channel her rage her father began teaching her wrestling, boxing, and mythology. The lessons proved difficult for both of them. Despite his daughter’s inexperience her raw strength resulted in sever injuries to Ivan on more than one occasion. In time the act of nursing her father’s injuries and seeing how easily she could wound normal humans calmed Grethe’s temper greatly.

When the Dishonor Guard attempted an invasion of Norway Jotunn was the only person able to put up a decent struggle against the super powered foreigners. Their battle was savage and the outnumbered half giant was eventually overwhelmed. However by that time the Allies of Freedom had arrived and together they were able to fight off the remaining Dishonor Guard.

War Song took a special interest in the young woman and offered her a place with the Allies of Freedom, an offer she gladly accepted. For the first time in her life Grethe was among others like herself. She flourished as a champion of humanity and has remained a steadfast member of the Allies during some of their greatest battles.

At the same time she remains as one of the few superhumans living in Norway and she defends her homeland whenever she is needed.


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