Name: Unknown
Gender: Female
Age: Unkown
Height: 5’ 7"
Eyes: Unknown
Hair: Blonde

Several years before World War II broke out in Europe Titan was already engaged in a private war all it’s own. For the first time in history dozens of masked criminals were appearing in Titan with superhuman abilities and weapons which made it all but impossible for the police to apprehend them. The only thing which prevented these new criminals from taking over all together was the appearance of a single individual who would be dubbed Justice by the The Torch. For several weeks before any verifieid sightings trussed up criminals were being deposited in front of police stations all over the city. Each of these criminals were accompanied by a note bearing no name and no explanation merely a hand drawn set of scales. Although the time taken to process and identify these individuals yielded some arrests and kept many criminals off of the streets most were released due to a lack of evidence.

Eye witness reports of a blind folded woman carrying a sword began to trickle into newspapers and evening news reports. Many criminals stopped walking the streets of Titan in broad daylight and began taking their trade to back alleys and rooftops. Although the general citizens were pleased with the results their mysterious new protector was getting the police force and the mayor at that time were not among her supporters. Mayor Carter considered the presence of a vigilante in his city to be an insult and a challenge to his authority. A task force devoted to discovering Justice’s identity and arresting the individual operating under that name was established under the mayor’s orders.

The first photograph of Justice was taken by an amatuer who happened to be on the scene during one of her earliest and most famous cases. When Mayor Carter was abducted by his home and held for ransom by Dr. Tragedy the police were unable to disocver where he’d been taken, Justice however yeilded better results. At the consturction site for what would become an adventure park on the dge of town Justice and Dr. Tragedy had the first of their many battles with more than a hundred eye witnesses, all of whom had been intended to serve as witnesses to the mayor’s demise. Ultimately Justice emerged victorious with Dr. Tragedy safely in custody and the mayor was returned to his home.

Although Mayor Carter continued to be outspoken in his dislike for Justice evn after she had rescued him he did diaband the task force he’d established to bring an end to her. As time went on other heroes would rise to help defend the city, a private war was waged on the streets and rooftops of Titan with Justice serving as it’s primary defender. It was also during her early career that Justice began working with the Copper Crab to clean up the docks and the waterfront, both of which had been plagued by smugglers for years. Their success helped to inspire many more new heroes to take up the fight to defend Titan from crime.

When War Song began to choose members for the Allies of Freedom Justice was his first recruit. Many soldiers who survived the war would tell stories of fighting side by side with her as though she was a mythic figure, she saved countless lives in the battles she took part in and returned to Titan at the end of the war one of the few surviving Allies of Freedom. Her time away had given criminals a chance to regain some ground but Justice quickly brought them to heel with very few exceptions.

She has spent the deacdes since she returned from war serving with Allies of Freedom as a key member and aiding in the training of new heroes. She has also worked closely with the authroties of Titan leading to the establishment of the RSRU, a local branch of law enforcement devoted to handling super villains and metahumans. Until recently the presence of Justice kept Titann from being ripped apart by the various villains whomake theirhomes there. Then she vanished.


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