The Blue Boomerang


Name: Robert “Bobby” Reed
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Height: 5’ 8"
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown

Growing up in Iron City Robert Reed was exposed to the violenceandpoverty that have plagued the city for decades. Unlike so many others he wasn’t drawn into membership with any of the gangs and instead he focused on athletics throughout his childhood. Taking part in a variety of sports rather than focusing on any single activity Robert developed into a healthy and physically powerful young man who drew a great deal of attention. Several times during his youth Bobby came into conflict with members of each of the gangs operating out of Iron City. His friendship and later romantic relationship with Jack Curuso made him a target for the Legion and the Red Moons, at the same time his proximity to the young Curuso made him an enemy of many Corsairs. When Jack’s father was killed and she took over his organization she offered him a place at her side, a position which he refused souring the frienndship between the two of them.

His hard work eventually paid of earning him a full athletic scholarship to Argent University where he began working towards a bachelors degree in business. The loss of his friendship with Curuso may have hastened his decision to leave Iron City and accept the offer of a free education in Argent. It was also during his time Argent that Bobby first crossed paths with a young man named Daniel Colins, who would one day become the hero known as Treasury. The two did not get on well by any means however. Bobby was very popular, outspoken, and enjoyed being the center of attention. Daniel on the other hand was introverted, bookish, and did prefered to spend his time in quiet study. They struggled to outshine one another at every opportunity with Bobby’s victories usually drawing far more favor with the staff and students. His rivalry with Daniel drove Bobby to spend more time bringing his academic efforts up to a higher level.

Prior to his graduation fromm Argent University Bobby was offered a place among the Olympic athletes who would be representing America, a role he gladly accepted. Earning several gold medalsin track and field events he returned from the games a national hero and an international celebrity, neither of which helped to lessen his ego. He left school for several years in order to pursue endorsement contracts that were offered to him, in two short years he’d earned several million dollars working as s spokesman.

With a degree in hand Bobby returned to Iron City and used his personal fortune as seed money to found the Reed Corporation. He used the company to start several charities and beneficial programs to benefit the youth of Iron City, but this was only the first part of his plan to save the city. As the Reed Corporation swelled beyond his wildest dreams Bobby began to train harder than ever before in order to makethe next part of his plan a reality. Seeing all of the good that Justice had managed to do for Titan he decided that a hero in his hometown might have a similar effect. Donning a costume and arming himself with all sorts of trick boomerangs he began to combat the gangs of Iron City as the Blue Boomerang, a hero who the people of his city quickly came to adore.

Several years later War Song offered Blue Boomerang a position with the Allies of Freedom. The aged hero secretly thought that he might be able to train Bobby to become something more than an icon for his city, he wished to make him a true hero for the world. Since bceoming a member of the organization the Blue Boomerang has taken over the responsibility of fudning the Allies and proven himself to be a valuable addition to the team on many of their adventures. However his desire to seek adventure and take risks has caused the Allies of Freedom to consider removing him from the group several times.

The Blue Boomerang

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