War Song


Name: Hector Hess
Gender: Male
Age: 115
Height: 5’ 9"
Eye: Brown
Hair: Grey

Born in Virginia to Lawrence and Elizabeth Hess Hector was the eldest of eleven children, all of whom lived on a sprawling farm that had been in the Hess family prior to the American Revolution. Although the farm had been well maintained Lawrence Hess was a chemist by trade and he left the farm in the care of his children while he pursued his trade. As a young man Hector was the strongest, fastest, and smartest of all his siblings and he did the work of five people maintaining the land that he would one day inherit. Sensing the keen mind of his son Lawrence paid for his son to travel to Argent and study hoping that he would take to chemistry, however this was not to be. Despite his abilities Hector had no interest in following in his father’s footsteps and global events drew him elsewhere.

When America entered World War I Hector chose to enlist in the US Navy to serve his country, his two eldest brothers also enlisted however they chose to join the army before the draft was enacted. Hector served aboard an American warship throughout World War I and he was decorated for his service several times over. One incident drew the special interest of the government.

During the Bay of Pigs incident War Song was asked to accompany the US warships that would form a blocakde between advancing Russian ships and Cuba. The sight of the legendary hero armed to the teeth and standing in defiance of the Russians certainly contributed totheir decision to yield.

War Song

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