During the crossing of a Spanish ship bound for the new world the vessel was attacked by several pirate ships. The battle between them resulted in severe damage to the Spanish vessel which was forced to seek a safe harbor where the crew could make repairs. While seeing to their ship these explorers also discovered several highly abundant sources of silver in a valley some distance from the coast. These explorers returned home with stories of untold wealth for the taking, tales which drew the attention of the Spanish court.

While the Spain was mounting a second expedition to claim the wealth of the new world an English colony was already being founded across the sea.

During the American Revolution a local craftsman took up a mask and a rifle to defend his home against the British. Working with the townspeople he helped to drive the British off and he became a symbol of hope for the new nation, a symbol which continued to maitain a presence on the battlefield throughout the revolution.

Two more men born in Argent have taken up the mantle of the Silversmith since Patrick Reynolds died. Both did so during times of war and both lost their lives in battle. Today the town is a quiet and simple city that clings to the memory of their fallen protector, knowing that when they have need of him once more a new champion will rise to their aid.


Argent Univesrity

Considered by many to be the finest institution of higher learning in the country Argent University offer the best education money can buy. The university was built in 1820 and has been expanded on several times throughout the course of two centuries. During the Civil War it was used as a field hospital for Union troops who sought refuge in Argent. The Silversmith and a hundred students armed with rifles held Rebel troops at bay for three days until they were forced to retreat by a Union advance. Today the University stands at the center of a cluster of shops, restaurants, and other businesses that cater to the students. It is one of the more lively parts of town.

The National Archives

After Washington D.C. was burned to the ground by British troops during the War of 1812 President James Madison was forced to relocate the few important documents and valuable items his soldiers had managed to smuggle out as the city burned around them. The Silversmith, a long time friend and ally of the President suggested his hometown Argent as a suitable location. British troops were unlikely to return there due to presence of the Silversmith who had so thoroughly defeated them during the revolution. His plan worked and the Archives continued to grow as America did. Today it stands as a complex labyrinth holding the collected knowledge and culture of America and it’s people in one location.

Silversmith Museum

The home and workshop of Patrick Reynolds, the first man to call himself Silversmith, is a major tourist attraction to anyone who cares to visit the city. Both have been left as they were during Patrick’s life.

The Argent Mine
The silver mine which served as a major source of income for Argent for more than two hundred years before it was shut down. Today tours of the mine are still offered and it draws the attention of many history buffs, cave divers, and geologists.


The Argent Historical Society

Dedicated to maintaining and studying the historical heritage of Argent the society offers scholarships and opportunities to study abroad to promising young students. Obviously those with a focuse in the study of history are always their first choice when selecting those to recieve aid.

Prominent People

Susan Harper
A local radio personality who got her start working for the Argent University student radio program Susan was expelled after her first time on air. Her remarks about everything she felt was wrong with Argent earned her the attention of the young people of her hometown. She had an audience who would not allow her to be silenced. Today Harper speaks out on the issues of Argent, usually making light of the town, it’s quiet nature, and the lack of modern vibe to be found within a twenty mile radius.

Mayor Jason Castle
The current mayor of Argent is a popular man who struggles to maintain the history of his hometown. Though the younger citizens feel he is a bit old fashioned he is still generally considered the best man for the job and has enjoyed more than twelve years in office.


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