During the 1860’s Carmen was one of the first proper settlements to be established out west, and it quickly became a destination for hundreds of people looking to begin life anew. As settlers began flooding the small settlement grew into thriving city. For a few years it seemed as though Carmen was destined to be a bustling city where anyone could go to make their fortune.

However the many men and women seeking to live off of the land they had staked their claim to quickly found that their dream wasn’t to be. The soil around Carmen proved incapable of sustaining crops year after year, all too soon nothing could be coaxed to live in the ground anywhere nearby. Desperate and hungry some of the citizens resorted to stealing to keep food on the table. Murder, robbery, prostitution, and other criminal behavior drove out anyone who was still able to leave and the city was left in the hands of outlaws. Several attempts were made to clean up the city, none proved to have any lasting effort.

It wasn’t until 1962 when a man proposed that gambling be legalized within the city limits of Carmen that anyone saw a hope for the forgotten city. Overnight casions began springing up all over town, new jobs gave the citizens a chance to make a decent living and the city flourished once again. Behind the scenes several criminal families were filling their pockets with money they had skimmed out of the casino takings, these were the people who had been so eager to legalize gambling in Carmen.

In 1992 Jason Argos moved into town and he started pushing out the crime families with alarming speed. This was largely due to the fact that he was backed by a number of superhuman criminals he’d recruited from across the country. The first supervillain gang. Within two years Argos was in total control of carmen, and the city had never known more prosperity. Everyone in town lined up to shake Argos’ hand , he’d driven out the gangs and given the criminals in town a single organized leader who kept things running smoothly. Even the police wouldn’t lift a finger against him now.

Carmen is viewed as a lost cause by almost everyone. The average citizens refuse to see the corruption that plagues their city, and outside forces are unable to break the chokehold crime has on it without their support.


The Jade Palace

The largest and most beautiful casino in the city.


The Carmen City Police Department
It is a well known fact that nearly every police officer either works for Jason Argos or is too afraid to of the man to work against him in any capacity. As a result they are used to support his criminal enterprises and crush out any small time competition that happens to wander into his city. They actively enforce the anit-vigilante laws of carmen with brutal violence.

The Loaded Deck
A collection of fifty-one criminals who have been altered and armed with super powers by Jacob “Diamond” Argos.

Prominent People

Dr. Kirsten Gifford
A brilliant doctor and a former employee of Chimera Laboratories, Dr. Gifford was abducted from her office in Iron City by members of the Corsairs. They forced her to perform experiments on their members to grant them super powers. Her experiments gave birth to Jason “Diamond” Argos who used his newfound abilities to build a criminal empire in Carmen with her at his side. He continued to force her to augment his henchmen while keeping her under lock and key.

For nearly two deacdes she has lived in hidden rooms and secret bunkers toiling away to create weapons of mass destruction without ever seeing the light of day.

Jacob “Diamond” Argos
Born in Iron City Jason was a low ranked member of one of the many street gangs that plagued the city. He wanted more out of life so he volunteered to undergo a procedure intended to give him super powers, in the hopes that he would be able to help in the Iron City gang wars. The experiment proved a success and he used his newfound abilities to kill his former employers, steal their fortunes, and relocate to Carmen. Once in town he began gathering an army of supervillains around him. Most of these criminals were small timers he had artifically enhanced but they proved to be a powerful force.

Today he is the undisputed ruler of Carmen.

Mayor Rob Green
The present day mayor of Carmen is nothing more than a puppet who was put into office by Diamond, not that this fact prevents him from enjoying his position. He is routinely seen at the Jade Palace enjoying the many pleasures the establishment has to offer, things which are usually reserved for the wealthy and the elite alone. A short portly man who has lost most of his hair prematurely he is hardly an imposing figure to say the least. As the mayor he is charged with keeping up the pretense of a police force without allowing it to get in the way of any of Diamond’s criminal enterprises.

Despite his well known connection to a criminal organization Green has remained in office for almost ten years, although no one has ever run against him in a mayoral election.

Marco Rowan

One of the most famous metahumans in the country Marco has used his ability to change shape to earn a fortune during his career as an actor. Many consider him a positive role model as he chooses to pursue a career with his ability rather engaging in one battle after another. Though Marco is not an evil man he is vain and more than a little arrogant which is what drew him to Carmen. In this city he is treated like a king and fawned over by a entourage that caters to his every whim. He even enjoys an unlimited line of credit at the Jade Palace.


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