Physical Description

A collection of formerly ruined buildings raised from the past and scattered across the surface of the small island that makes up Hades. Everything in the city seems as though it were brand new and shows no sign of age despite the fact that most of the buildings that make up the city are thousands of years old. Patrols of undead roam the streets day and night making certain that all is will in their lord’s kingdom.


Less than fifty years old hades has had little influence on the world as it offers no trade and makes no attempt to expand it’s territory. Since being raised from the sea by Hades thousands have accepted the god of the underworld’s offer of immortality in exchange for whatever service he requires.

Notable People


The god of the Underworld had long since tired of his solitary life ruling the undead before his wife Persephone fled from his kingdom. Without her he lost all interest in godhood and for a long time it seemed as though the powerful god had faded from the world like so many others. Then he returned by raising an island populated by the living dead out of the sea. Though his new home was blockaded by the naval forces of several nations Hades made no move against the world, instead he made an offer. He would allow humans to enter his realm if they agreed to serve him and in exchange he would grant them eternal life and youth. People flocked to Hades by the boatload. The ancient god is proud and powerful but he enjoys his life in the living world and the comforts it provides.


The demigod son of Zeus has been raised from the Underworld to serve as Hades champion and the chief protector of his new kingdom. Hercules serves his new master faithfully out of a fear of being returned to the dead. retaining his incredible strength and fighting skill the demigod is a fearsome foe who has turned aside numerous attempts to invade his home.


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