Physical Description

During World War II Imuria was among the first countries to be invaded by German forces, this was almost certainly due to the wealth of natural resources in Imuria. These resources were quickly claimed by Germany and used to help rebuild all that they had lost in World War I. At the same time the Imurians were used as slave labor.

Prince Oberin, King Septimal’s only son, begann to lead an underground which worked against German forces but they accomplished relatively little. It was only with the arrival of the Allies of Freedom that any real victories began to take place. Oberin worked with the Allies very clsoely and was even granted honorary membership in the organization at the end of the war. Together they were able to force Germany to withdraw to their own country after three months of battle.

When the war ended Prince Oberin began to work behind his father’s back to build up the Imurian military, inspired by the Allies of Freedom he aslo launched a super soldier program. In an effort to improve himself Oberin began performing surgery after surgey on himself enhancing his phsycial and mental abilities as well as implanting weaponry into his body. He grew ever more bold until he began preaching in the street and calling for the Imurian people to rise up and rebel against his father so that they could claim their rightful place in the world. Oberin was declared a traitor by his father and a fresh war began.

The Imurain Civil War raged for ten years but in the end Prince Oberin’s metahuman forces overwhelmed the vastly superior numbers of the Imurian army using hit and run tactics. King Septimal offered his son an uncoditional surrender on the very steps of his ancestral caslte, Oberin took the throne and ordered that his father be locked away for the rest of his days. Revolutionary reforms follows Oberin’s rise to power beginning with his national draft which required five years of military service from all male Imurians beginning at the age of eighteen. He also forced all citizens to undergo genetic modifications and surgery at birth to give them superhuman abilities.

Today Imuria stands as a threat to every nation in the world as every man, woman, and child within it’s borders possesses some form of superhuman ability.


Champions of the Throne
A group of made up of five Imurian metahumans who serve as the king’s personal bodyguards and striek force. The members of this group are always among the most powerful citizens in Imuria and they are required to remain members until they are killed or granted retirement by the king.

Notable People

Blood Sport
As a child Blood Sport exhibited metahuman traits in the form of a feral nature, from birth she already possessed enahnced physical abilities and an animal-like appearance. King Oberin aygmented her abilities even further and increased the violent aspects of her personality through chemical alteration.

King Oberin
Princess Taliana
Rune Keeper


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