Iron City


In 1873 Olana Douglas and his family opened a small cotton mill on a stretch of rough isolated land Olana had been given by the government. A freed slave who had served with the Union army during the American Civil War he had learned a great deal during his time in the military. Not only how to use firearms and horsemanship, as well as how to read and write, but also a great deal about steam engines. With the war ended he decided to use his skills to try and make a real fortune for himself and his family, an idea which many people found laughable at the time. For the first four years of operation the cotton mill proved to be a disaster. The little cotton it produced often went unsold and Olana was quickly running out of food to feed his family much less maintain the mill’s equipment.

Fortune took a turn for the better when a fires struck one of the major American cotton mills resulting in a surge of production from many of the smaller mills, Olana’s was one of the most profitable during this period. Using his newfound wealth he expanded his mill and hired more workers, families and tradesmen moved to the land surrounding the mill and a small town was bustling to life within a few months.

Several other industries caught on in the newly built city bringing money, people, and prosperity. Unfortunately it was not to last, a sharp economic downturn in the 1980’s saw most of the major industries in Iron City wither and die. Chimera Laboratories became an even greater presence in the city at this point as it became one of the major employers. With this branches emphasis on heavy machinery which had been highly prized during the days of mass production the labs came dangerously close to being shut down before it was able to shift it’s focus to medicinal research.

During this decline many gangs began to grow in numbers and strength leading to the endless street fights that plague Iron City to this very day.


Chimera Foundation
An enormous hospital and medical reserach facility the Chimera Foundation treats thousands of patients every day while employing an army of researchers, doctors, and office staff. The upper three stories of the foundation are mostly open to the public, these are the areas used for treating patients. There are two stories underground which serve as the researach facilities, these areas are secure and heavily guarded.

Ferrus Park
The largest park in Iron City has been a frequent hunting ground for criminals looking for a quick score. Drugs, assaults, murders, and sexual assault have all been a problem as the park is one of the few parts of the city not under gang control. Police have done their best to keep the crime under control but they’ve had little success.

Medusa’s Spindle
An enormous curved tower that appears to be shaped out of two interlocked stone arms the spindle was crafted by an artist named Dale Sali in 1972. It was hoped that this would draw additional tourism to help stabilize the city economy, however this didn’t prove to be the case. Most people find the statue to be rather disturbing, it mainly drove people out of the park in droves. Even today most citizens of Iron City choose to avoid the part of the park where the statue still stands.

Reed Stadium
A mammoth open air stadium built near the center of town the stadium employs more than five thousand residents. The games that take place in the stadium also draw numerous tourists to the city adding a much needed boost to the local economy.

Club Druid
A glass domed structure Club Druid is something that only Iron City has to offer and it caters to the best and brightest stars in the city. The interior of the club is filled with flower beds, trees, and truly beautiful specimens of plant life that draw the eye.

The Basement
An entirely subterranean prison complex built two miles below the earth’s surface, this facility houses the criminals of Iron City. Due to a severe overcrowding issue the prisoners outnumber the guards five to one. The facility has a special wing built to house individiual superhuman criminals, however this facility does not have much luck keeping prisoners with methuman powers contained.


The Iron Wings
The Iron City hockey team enjoys a great deal of attention from sports enthusiasts across the country and is considered by many to be the best sports team in the city.

The Shooting Stars
The Iron City hockey team is considered by many to be a bit too flashy but their games draw much needed tourism to the streets of Iron City year after year.

The Iron Knights
The Iron City football team is well known for their impressive defensive line as well as their ability to charge down the field crushing the opposing team in their wake.

The Iron City Broadswords
Originally the Iron City Cobras the team was renamed for the broadsword that was presented to them by the Blue Boomerang. The masked hero claimed that the weapon had been given to him by a grateful alien race, however these are more than likely just rumors. However the players are fanatcial about their prized sword and it is a source of more than alittle curiosity for many tourists.

Chimera Laboratories
At the forefront of scientific research Chimera Laboratoires employs the best and brightest minds of the world.

Reed Corporation
Founded, owned, and run by Robert Reed half a decade ago the Reed Corporation has grown an astounding amount in an extremly limited period of time. This is largely due to Reed’s ability to recognize talent and place the right people within positions in his company ensuring it’s growth as well as their own. Though a great deal of the companies efforts go into humanitarian projects it does have a number of very profitable elements.

The Golden Gazette
The only newspaper that survived Iron City’s economic downfall it is owned by Barty Bates, a man struggling to keep up with times and to keep his paper alive. Despite all of his best efforts his paper is on it’s last legs.

The Corsairs
With a reputation for tenacity the Corsairs are all highly trained in the use of firearms and swordplay. Easily the best trained of the major gangs in Iron City it’s members are drilled continually in combat by the more senior members. They are well known for their tenacity and daring as well as their criminal behavior. Unlike the other gangs the Corsairs aren’t out to take over the city, they merely try to make as much money as possible while working to drive out the other gangs.

A major gang in Iron City Legion takes it’s name from it’s large numbers and the rumors of a demonic puppet master who guides their actions. However no proof of such a figure has ever been found. Members of Legion can be found engaging in every criminal acts imaginable all over the city, however they appear to be nothing more than ordinary thugs.

The Red Moons
One of the three major gangs in Iron City the Red Moons used advanced technology stolen from Chimera Laboratories to overwhelm the competition whenever possible. They are especially well known for their use of the so called gravity guns, powerful tools which have fallen into the worst hands imaginable. Although members of this gang routinely engage in petty crime they are more well known for corporate sabotage and stealing advanced technology which they add to their arsenal.

Prominent People

Robert Reed
Former Olympic gold medalist turned billionaire spokesman and business owner Robert Reed was born and raised in Iron City and has gone to great pains to use his wealth to improve the city that raised him. He has built dozens of youth centers all over the city as well as constructing an enormous stadium and funding a trio of athletic teams meant to create jobs in the city. Corporations, private businesses, low income housing, and banks known to offer low interest loans can all trace their funding to Reed.

Blue Boomerang
For more than a decade the masked vigilante known as Blue Boomerang has been working against the gangs that plague Iron City. His efforts have earned him a great deal of respect within the city and his membership in the Allies of Freedom has brought attention to the troubles of his city.

Frankie Druid
Clever, beautiful, and able to turn a greasy spoon into the best restaurant and club in Iron City over the course of a decade Frankie Druid is not a woman to be understimated. Growing up in the city Frankie worked as a waitress in her father’s restaurant throughout her you until he was killed late one night during a robbery by a member of the Legion. Though many expected the establishment to close afterwards Frankie kept it open, she even began making improvements. Frankie is not an easy person to know, nor does she grant others a free ride. She expects hard work and dedication from everyone she meets as those are the traits that have allowed her to get where she is today.

Ivan Lynch
A former research assistant at Chimera Labs Ivan was an intelligent man but he was lazy and took too many shortcuts in his work. As a result he was dismissed from his position after two years of working in Iron City. When he found out he was being fired Ivan broke into a secure vault at the Chimera Foundation and stole an anti-gravity device which he weaponized and mass produced. Arming several local criminals Ivan masterminded a very profitbale crime spree which allowed him to begin living the life of luxury that he’d always wanted. He continues using the gang to keep him rich and to get some revenge on Chimera for firing him all those years ago.

Jack Curuso
Inheriting leadership of the Corsairs after her father’s death Jack has made it very clear that she is not to be underestimated by her rival gang leaders. An expert tactician she has managed to outfight the better armed Red Moons and overwhelm the vast numbers of the Legion for five years. Jack takes great joy in leading her troops in battle whenever possible and her expertise with firearms makes her a deadly combatant.

Jeremiah One
Youth minister by day Jeremiah One is a very respected and influential figure in Iron City speaking out to the troubled youth of the city he makes every effort to turn them from lives of crime and violence. However something far more sinister lurks beneath the mask he presents to the world. Mr. One is in fact a cold, calculating man who leads those in his care into the ranks of Legion where they serve as his own personal army. He claims to be in league with powerful demonic forces, whther or not there is any truth to these claims they have a powerful influence on his followers who are fanatical. Jeremiah One’s greatest ambition is to convert every man, women, and child to his cause and then spread his word even further.

Iron City

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