The Kota


Homeworld: Kota Prime
Physical Characteristics: Genderless, slight bodies, grey skin, white eyes with no pupils, 6-7 feet tall as adults
Government: Inter-Planetary oligarchy
Language: Kotese
Racial Abilities: Telepathy, telekinesis, in rare cases limited precognitive powers
Technological Level: Advanced

History: The Kota have been counted among the most respected races in the galaxy for more than a thousand years. Possessing formidable psychic abilities from birth they have struggled with the application of their powers as a race throughout their history.

Their species enjoyed a the fruits of a peaceful society for many years, lead by powerful seers they spent their lives in quiet meditation honing their psychic powers. However they soon sensed other minds in the far reaches of space. The thoughts of other races reached them through the vastness of space and had a severe effect. The violent thoughts of nearby primitive species drove the Kota into violent rages. Wars broke out across the planet decimating their population for centuries.

It was only when one seer recognized what was causing their fury that a new plan began. The Kota took to the stars and began a terrible war with every living thing in the galaxy in an effort to appease the anger. The more they killed the more anger they sensed though. Soon they were little more than mindless creatures of rage driven from one planet to the next in a war that seemed to have no end.

Salvation came when a Kota warship arrived on a war that had already been ravaged by civil war. The few survivors had set aside their weapons and were making an effort to survive on their planet which had been largely reduced to a wasteland. Their will to live and their peaceful intentions burned like a beacon in the minds of the Kota who returned to their homeworld. They quickly quenched the rage of their people and returned to their more peaceful roots.

Rebuilding was not a simple matter. It took them three thousand years to repair the damage they had wrought across the stars but in time they had undone what their madness caused.

The Kota control many planets today and they patrol the galaxy as peace keepers using their psychic abilities to sense where they are most needed. However they do not allow their ships to be armed, nor will they carry weapons of any kind in penance for their past deeds.


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