Peregrine Falls


A small town originally named Crystal Falls in the northwest that began as a safe haven for trappers, hunters, travelers, and fur traders to seek shelter during the winter months. For years the town served it’s purpose well and the number of residents slowly grew however due to it’s isolation and limited resources most moved on rather than making it their permanent home. When settlers proposed damming the nearby falls that the town had be named for in order to expand on the land for homes and shops long time residents reluctantly agreed.

Damming the falls proved to be easier said than done. Their sheer size alone made it a monumental undertaking which claimed the lives of many of the workers involved. Taking more than ten years from start to finish the dam doubled the available land and allowed the falls to retain much of their natural beauty. With new ground open for housing and farmland several new families traveled to Crystal Falls to resettle bringing several much needed tradesmen to the region as well.

In 1905 President Theodore Roosevelt was the first President in office to visit Peregrine Falls and he would visit the city several times during and after his presidency. It was President Roosevelt who declared he grounds surrounding the Peregrine Falls Dam a national park, he also ordered the establishment of the National Aviary there.

During World War I Peregrine was reluctant to take part in the war, although troops from the city did serve when called upon to do their duty. Many of the residents traced their heritage to Germany and some still had family members living there making the thought of war with Germans a sickening thought. With the end of the war and the unfavorable terms of surrender that Germany was forced to accept many began to support the German cause over that of the rest of the world. One Peregrine resident even attempted to blow the dam apart in protest, an act which was only prevented due to the intervention of the hero known as Peregrine although it cost him his life.

In memory of the fallen hero who saved them the city was officially renamed Peregrine Falls in 1923 and a meorial was constructed in his honor. It still stands to this day.

Following World War II when the Allies of Freedom withdrew from the support of the League of Nations and sought independence they chose to establish their base in Peregrine Falls. This may have been due to the fact that the city had become very vocal in it’s support of the so called super heroes of the world since the death of Peregrine.


Crystal Falls National Park

The twelve miles of protected river and forest sprawling between Peregrine Falls and the nearby city the Crystal Falls National Park are visited by hundreds of vacationing tourists every year. The remarkable natural beauty which can be seen here is said to be the last true wilderness that one can find in the United States.

One author wrote a short verse to describe what he saw, his words still serve as a sort of motto for the park. “Rock, tree, river, and game I have seen many times during my life. Only once have I been a witness to real nature and it is a wonder I would not forget.”

Freedom Works

A plaza which can be visited by the public and features a top of the line training facility as well as a trophy room which holds many relics from the team’s many adventures. Visitors are allowed to tour the facility every day of the week. However five levels of subterranean facilities are kept secret from the public. These levels are where the team lives and stores their equipment.

National Aviary

Home to more than two thousand species of birds native to America the national Aviary is an entirely open air facility.

Peregrine Falls

The enormous waterfall which the city was first named for is a wonder of nature. Towering even higher than Niagra Falls nature lovers face the harsh weather each year to view the rushing water from the top of the dam which has an obersvation tower built on it.

Peregrine Falls Hydroelectric Plant

A honeycomb of interlocking cement tunnels that wind their way throughout the Peregrine Falls Dam the most notable feature within the structure are the massive turbines and generators which supply all of the electricity needed to power the city.

Peregrine Memorial

A statue in the likeness of the hero known as Peregrine stands near the city center, it was carved and set in place more than a hundred years ago to honor the hero who sacrificed his life saving his city. Each year on on the anniversary of his death the citizens of Peregrine Falls gather at the memorial to offer gifts and speeches honoring the fallen hero.

Raptor Refuge

A portion of the Crystal Falls National Park is home to the hundreds of Peregrines which have nested there since before men discovered the region.


Prominent People

A former employee of the Peregrine Falls Hydroelectric Plant John Keyson was chosen to undergo a very special experiment at Chimera Labs in Titan. The goal of the experiment was to allow John to breathe underwater, he would the test subject for a proceudre which would allow workers to mend the outer walls of the dam with ease. Unfortunately the experiment had unforseen side effects. John’s body was transformed into a living liquid which granted him a nunber of incredible powers, however he was unable to reverse the transformation. Enraged by his transformation he returned to Peregrine Falls and attempted to destroy the dam so that the city would be flooded, he was thwarted in his efforts by War Song but their battle proved to be a close one for the veteran hero. Since that day Tidal, as he is now know, has made numerous attempts to get revenge against CHimera and Peregrine Falls, he also acts as a criminal for hire using whatever money he gains to attempt to finance a cure for himself.

Peregrine Falls

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