Homeworld: Anxron III
Physical Characteristics: Cloesly resembling humans the obvious difference are fins jutting from their cheeks and scale covered hands.
Government: Merchant guilds determine the laws for the species.
Languages: Qish
Racial Abilities: Telepathic immunity, limited ability to breathe underwater, enhanced language center
Technological Level: Advanced

History: Among the oldest races on the galactic stage the Qish are often overlooked by other species despite the fact that they have played a pivotal role in several major events. Four thousand years ago the Qish had already advanced to the point of becoming a space traveling society, however their ships were powered by unstable radioactive cores. At this point the Kota were still raging across the galaxy destroying world after world in their mad quest. The Qish were among the species who actively fought against the Kota and their ships proved pivotal to holding he telepathic aliens at bay several times.

When the Kota Wars ended the Qish were more than happy to abandon the endless battle in favor of lives as merchants. They proved to be very adept as traders and earned a reputation for being able to find anything their buyers needed, for the right price of course. With the exception of the Kota the Qish have traveled further than any other species in their search for new trade partners and new goods.

During the Turbitan Strife the Qish were among those who managed to hold off the enslaved armies of Turbitans again buying oher speices the time they needed to evacuate world after world. Near the end of the strife when the Turbitans began to rebel the Qish armed them with ships and weapons which helped them to throw off their Tiptillian masters. This fact has created an eternal hatred in every Tiptillian that is directed at the Qish.

The Qish were also the first aline species to visit the earth, it was during their earliest visits that they disocvered a particualr species on earth of special interest. The Qish regard eggs as a delicacy and they are fanatically fond of chicken eggs leading to several favorable trade agreements between humans and the Qish. The technology gained from these bargains has allowed humanity to journey further into the stars than every before.


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