The Sirik

Mm35 pg106

Homeworld: The moons of Sirik
Physical Characteristics: Skin varying from purple to dark brown, hairy, eight eyes, clawed hands and feet, 8-9 feet tall, heavily muscled, possess a sturdy exoskeleton
Government: None
Language:: Siri
Racial Abilities: Incredible strength, agility, and stamina, they also possess night vision and the ability to snare prey in webs.
Technological Level: Primitive

History: The moons of Sirik are said to hold the tombs of kings, treasures beyond all reckoning, and even the very secrets of the universe itself. However it is unlikely that anyone will ever discover whether or not these rumors or true. The creatures who walk this world devour anyone foolish enough to set down there.

Possessing little proper history the tale of the Sirik is one of carnage. Left to themselves they live on their swampy moons killing one another quite happily. However whenever they cross paths with other species they unite to crush the life from it. They have no science and rely on ships stolen from those who did not know enough to fear them.


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