The Allies of Freedom

As World War II raged across the globe several costumed heroes of allied themselves with one anothe and took it upon themselves to bring an end to the war that was tearing their world apart. Appearing before the League of Nations they were dubbed the Allies of Freedom and granted full authority and power to wage their own war on the Axis of Evil. The Allies served throughout most of World War II and were engaged in nearly every major battle that took place throughout the war.

When peace finally came the Allies had lost many of their original members to enemy soldiers, however they sought new members and remained together to combat threats no one hero could handle. They remain to this day the only internationally recognized superhero team.

They were originally funded by the League of Nations however when that organziation was replaced by the United Nations they sought funding from their individual members. Today they are privately funded and maintain a private headquarters know as The Freedom Works.

Current Members

Blue Boomerang
War Song

Former Members

Big Ben
Copper Crab
Honorable Daughter

The Allies of Freedom

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