Homeworld: Kronus II
Physical Characteristics: Plant-like humanoids their skin tone comes in a wide range from green to black, they have long eye salks and their heights ranges from three feet to seven.
Government: Monarchy
Languages: Tiptillian, a combinaion of pheromones and body language
Racial Abilities: Enhanced pheromones, extreme longevity, able to survive unaided in space
Technological Level: Moderate

History: The Tiptillians lived for eons on Kronus II as nothing more than sentient moss that covered the majority of the world. It wasn’t until the Kota landed there and carried some off the moss into space that the Tiptillian became aware of space or other species, and they were not pleased with what they had learned. Spreading trhough the Kota ship the Tiptillains began to evolved rapidly attacking the Kota with a savage fury. For a time the two species battled one another in what was certain to destroy one or both species if it was allowed to continue.

When the Kota turned from their war the Tiptillians were forced to abandon their efforts to destroy them as well, though they still plotted to destroy the telepaths eventually. While the Kota rebuilt what they had destroyed the Tiptillians built warships and began exploring the rest of the universe with a great hunger.

It was during their exploration that they discovered the Turbians, a species that they would enslave as their own private army. In what would be known as the Turbian Strife the Tiptillains waged a new war that destroyed billions of lives as they made every effort to kill off as many species as possible. This ploy failed as the Turbinas eventually rebeled and devastated their population leaving them a shadow of what they had once been.

SInce then the Tiptillians have been rebuilding their strength but it isn only a matter of time before they strike out once again.


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