Homeworld: Turbita(Destroyed)
Physical Characteristics: Humanoids with wolf-like heads and white fur covering their bodies they usually stand 6 feet tall and are highly muscular.
Government: Clan based
Languages: Turbitan
Racial Abilities: All members of this species have superhuman strength, speed, agility, and endurance. They also possess heightened senses far beyond those of most humanoids making them excellent trackers.
Technological Level: Advanced

History: Turbitans were once a technologically primitive race that inhabited their homeworld warring with one another and giving little thought to the stars that filled their skies. If only other worlds had taken as little interest in them things might have been for the better. The Tiptillians invaded Turbita and began abducting the population by the millions. They used the species as slave labor, and as a slave army that they used to wage a war across half of the galaxy. Eventually the Turbitans managed break free from their masters and they turned on them with a savage fury that nearly wiped the species from the universe. Freed from slavery the Turbitans used the technology they salvaged from their fallen masters to begin searching for their homeworld, a quest which carried them to the deepest reaches of space.

For thousands of years the Turbitans roamed the galaxy selling out their services as bounty hunters, soldiers, sometimes resorting to raiding in order to fund their journey home. Unfortunately their search was in vain. After more than a hundred generations they returned to their world to find it had been destroyed during their absence. Since then the Turbitans have roamed the stars hunting and killing to fund the armaae of ships that serve as their home.

Though they are not an evil species by nature Turbiatns are not well liked. Most view them as parasites stealing the technology of other worlds in order keep themselves alive and they are capable of great violence.


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